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Founded in the 1980s, The Purdue Area Track Club has been introducing young athletes from the greater Lafayette/West Lafayette area to the various disciplines of Track & Field.

Parents, athletes and coaches,

Today at the Celery Bog, we will be learning the 2K and 3K courses there.  We will have a clock running and the groups can run at the same time as the courses are different but the start and finish are the same.  This will be an unofficial effort to get the athletes used to running their distance at a pace that does not lead to any walking, but a pace that fits their comfort.  They will be asked once again to look at their time when they finish and to let us know what that time is and we will record it on the check-in roster.  On Monday, we will actually have an official time trial, 2K first, followed by the 3K.  The 2K kids will be done early and the 3K kids perhaps a bit late as we have to administer the races separately.  We are hoping that the path construction will not interrupt Monday's time trial!

Please see the attached doc with the Celery Bog 2K and 3K routes and if anyone is available to help with the route instructions, that would be helpful.  We especially need a few people on the courses for Monday's time trial.

As part of your athlete's check-in procedure, please check the list Andy has with your email so we can figure out who is not getting them.

Thanks to all and I hope all are getting these emails!

PATC Staff