2020 Summer Registration


General Practice Information

Sixth grade and younger are typically introduced to all of the track & field events through a series of stations that are administered by High School or College athletes or Coaches. “Altered events* include sprints, hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Turbo-Javelin, Shot Put & Discus. Activities/skills include starts, hand offs & speed development. A “distance” group is offered 2 or 3 times as well. JH and older athletes interested in advancing their skill level in the Pole Vault may work with our Pole Vault staff. Contact Coach Custer personally for this request to see registration info and fee. The location is at the Salisbury Athletic Complex, 1000 Cumberland Ave., WL. All procedures and protocol involved with virus concerns will be sent out to registrants before July 15.

“Cut off” will be 40 in each age group, no exceptions!

When is the PATC program?

PATC practice and meet dates are 7/15 through 7/28
PV (JH age and up) 5:00 pm – 6:30 PM, starting Monday, 7/13/20
Track & Field Camp, ages 12 and under starts 7/15/20, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Wednesday July, 15-Stations/Drills
Thursday, July 16-Stations/Drills
Monday, July 20 - *Meet “A” (100m, 100m Hurdles, Turbo Jav & Long Jump)* - Sign Up Here
Tuesday, July 21 - *Meet “B” (400m, 200m & 1600m)* - Sign Up Here
Wednesday, July 22-Stations/Drills
Thursday, July 23-Stations/Drills
Monday, July 27- *Meet “A” (100m, 100m Hurdles, Turbo Jav & Long Jump)* - (postponed due to weather) Sign Up Here
Tuesday, July 28 - *Meet “B” (400m, 200m & 1600m)* (combined events meet tomorrow, 3 events entered MAX) - Sign Up Here

Monday meet/events and Tuesday meet/events will be combined on Tuesday, July 28 and sign up is Here

Pole Vault Sessions (JH and HS age only) are tentatively scheduled for:
July 13, 14, 15, 16 and TBA for the last 6 sessions.

How much is the PATC program?

The club cost is $60 per person which covers staff pay, club insurance & free entry into the four
summer meets. Three or more family members qualifies for $50 each registration fee. *Due to the
concerns over health and safety, we are limiting stations and meet events. Protocol for checking in
and sanitation procedures will be announced and strictly enforced each session.

Where can I get more information?

Call or text Lane Custer at 765-427-0752 or email lanecuster@aol.com.


PATC Summer Track & Field Camp – Ages 8 and under: CLICK HERE

PATC Summer Track & Field Camp – Ages 9-12: CLICK HERE


Ages JH and up

Email Coach Custer for registration and payment only (lanecuster@aol.com). Sessions are $10 each and can be paid as you go for only those sessions you attend.


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